Beauty is a mindset which means cultivating self awareness to establish confidence in your body, your image and yourself. 

In March of 2015 I started a beauty blog called Swaybeauty. I was excited about sharing my knowledge about makeup and skincare, delivering weekly reviews about all the latest and greatest products. 

By October, I had taken what I thought was my dream job and found myself juggling a full-job and a full-time blog.   I thought I had things under control when a sudden chain of events turned my whole world upside down. It made me question everything, including the choices I had made about my career and the direction my life was heading. 

I'm not one who is easily discouraged so I was determined to keep moving forward with my blog. But sadly as time went on my heart wasn't in it any more.  I had also realized that my skincare and makeup routines rarely changed which meant fewer posts.  

Instead of walking away from my blog completely, I decided to take a step back for about a month to recharge and re-evaluate my reasons for starting a blog in the first place.  It finally came to me during a trip to Target, of all places, on why I was having such a difficult time posting and my lack of motivation. I was not being true to myself. I didn't want to write about the latest and greatest products. I wanted to write about my life, which just happened to include a passion for beauty. Once that happened there was no stopping the material that filled my head. 

I welcomed my domain main with open arms and Tracys Way was born. 

I also shifted my focus to more skincare and less makeup. I wanted people to start embracing a healthy skincare routine which includes using SPF every single day and using makeup to enhance not cover up their natural beauty. 

We live in such an altered, over-filtered reality which impacts our perception of how we view ourselves. I believe that by building a sense of inner beauty is the key to feeling beautiful on the outside.

Let's start by spending less time in front of the mirror practicing the perfect cat eye and more time practicing being ourselves. 

Because to me that's the definition of true beauty.  

Nowadays on my blog you'll find my writings and sometimes rantings about life, dating, sex, love, food, travel and my feelings toward entering my 40s. (YIKES!)

Thanks for stopping by!


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