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Korean Skincare: Products vs. Methods

Korean Skincare: Products vs. Methods

KBeauty Skincare

KBeauty Skincare

Every single Korean model they show has perfectly flawless skin. Just like with any marketing campaign in the U.S. they choose models and spokespeople who are attractive and have great skin. Well duh! They aren't going to use a model with bad skin are they now.

Did you know Korea has more plastic surgeons per capita than anywhere else in the world?

The reason I'm telling you all this is to make you realize that there is no magical potion to having great skin and no one culture has the all knowing answer for perfect skin.

Korean beauty products aren't necessarily better because let's face it every single brand has good and bad products.

Great skincare is readily available for anyone. There are no secret ingredients being used over there than they are here in the states.

And why for a second would you believe that Koreans would only use Korean beauty products. That's like saying Italian people only eat Italian food.

Sounds crazy right? Well that's because it is. Just like in the U.S., Koreans buy beauty products from all brands. Just like we do.

Furthermore many of the more popular Korean beauty brands that are made available here in the states are both outrageously priced and often contain several skin irritants (alcohol, fragrance).

We place all the focus on products when we should be looking at their beauty habits. Yes, embracing a Korean skincare regime can seem daunting if your current skincare routine consists of swiping a makeup remover wipe all over your face and calling it a day.

However if your end game is to have great skin and you've already adopted good skincare habits then adding a few more steps won't be a huge transition.

Remember that skincare regimes are focused around 6 key components:

Double cleansing (pre-cleanse oil + cleanser) Exfoliation (chemical/physical) Toner (restore pH level to skin) Treatment (essence/serum/ampoule/facial mask/eye cream) Hydration (moisturizers/emulsion) Sun Protection (Daytime) OR Sleeping Mask (Evening)

Here are a few quick tips that I use as guidelines for my own personal skincare routine:

* Use sun protection every day, all year long. Even if your running to the store for a quick errand, wear it! Don't leave home without it!

* Take the time and get to know your skin. That way you can figure out what products actually work for you and on the flip side you'll rule out products that cause irritation. Just because a product worked for someone is not a guarantee it will work for you.

*Commit to a skincare routine, whether that includes 3 products or a dozen products. Just like with any routine the longer you stick with it, the easier it will become and you'll see results over time.

Most importantly be kind to your skin because it's all you'll ever have. Good Luck!

What are some of your favorite skincare products? Have you struggled with finding products that worked for you?