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What It's REALLY Like Being Married to a Chef #7

What It's REALLY Like Being Married to a Chef #7


5 Ingredient Dish

The key ingredients for being a Chef are much like those needed for dating a Chef. Here are my top 5 ingredients to whipping up a successful relationship.

Teamwork – A harmonious meal requires cooperation in the kitchen. Whether you're working in an executive chef job, directing the whole process, or as a line cook, preparing a specific element of the meal, teamwork is essential. Executive chefs have to be able to manage workers, delegate responsibility and work closely with others.

Creativity – Truly successful chefs put their own twist on familiar dishes and create new combinations. Creativity and a flair for experimentation are essential traits of top chefs.

Organization – Bringing all the elements of a meal together quickly and elegantly takes preparation and organization. The ability to plan ahead will help you keep your cool in a high-pressure kitchen environment.

Sensitive Palate – Just as a painter needs a good eye for color and composition, chefs need keen senses of taste and smell. The best chefs recognize subtle nuances in flavors. This ability allows them to explore bold new flavor combinations and make them work.

And most importantly Determination – A chef job comes with many benefits. Having a career that you're not only passionate about, but also meets an essential need for people, is worthwhile and satisfying. However, aspiring chefs should be prepared to work hard. A chef job may require working on evenings and weekends and spending long hours on your feet. Restaurant kitchens are fast-paced and often stressful. Successful chefs have to be dedicated to their craft in spite of some of the less glamorous aspects of the job.




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