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Sale Seduction : Things to Avoid When Shopping Sales

Sale Seduction : Things to Avoid When Shopping Sales

A funny thing just happened to me when I opened my email. So funny in fact that it's 3 hours later and my bank account is less $400. How did that happen?

It's what I like to refer to as sale seduction. Sale seduction will contain words like "for a limited time", "hurry sale ends Saturday" and my favorite "20% off".

Specifically the 20% of at Ulta and/or Sephora. It's like being pulled into a wind tunnel and there's no use fighting it.

If you're reading my blog then you most likely spend a lot on beauty products which can be quite pricey, especially skincare. And no one likes throwing money away especially when we work so hard all week. 

I'm not saying not to take advantage of a good sale but a lot of the time you end up with products you don't need or worse products you don't even like.

And don't even get me started on returning products. Personally I don't have a problem returning anything but there are those who feel guilty or even embarrassed when it comes to returning a product.

Here are 5 Things To Look Out For before making your next purchase. 

  1. The "SALE"

Don't be sucked in by clever marketing. Ask yourself this. Would you buy this product if it wasn't on sale? If the answer is no then you can safely pass on the item. Save your money for something you truly want. Plus many times products are marked up just to make to believe you are getting a better deal than you actually are.

  1. The Coupon

This one gets me every time. In fact just happened the other day. That 20% off coupon was burning a hole in my pocket and I ended up spending way more money than I should have and buying products that I didn't even need much less want. Unless you've been eyeing a certain product for months and now you can get it at a discount, I would steer clear of the store, the app, hell even the mall in general for that matter. 

  1. Gift with purchase

99.9% of the time the gift with purchase is a product or products I don't even need much alone use. Don't be pulled in by the allure of getting something for nothing. Because that's what it really is if it's just going to be tossed into the drawer where samples go to die. 

  1. Buy I get one FREE

Again, it's the whole idea of getting something for nothing except now your getting 2 of something you didn't need.  Go ahead, just add it to the maybe-I'll-use-it-someday pile.

  1. Limited Edition

This is the BAT SIGNAL in the world of beauty. Everyone wants to be among the proud few to get their hands on the "it" product at the moment because once it's gone, it's gone.  I'm definitely guilty of this but I've even found that 9 times out of 10 they aren't even as good as the regularly stocked items. Unless you're really going to use it, let someone else enjoy the spoils who could give it a loving home.  Share the love people!

Fun Fact : If you're ever in the Natick area this is located on the side of a building in the center of town. 

Fun Fact : If you're ever in the Natick area this is located on the side of a building in the center of town. 

Have you ever fallen into the trap of one or more of these sales tactics?  Share your story below!

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