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Purging My Makeup Collection

Purging My Makeup Collection

A few months ago I was testing out a new foundation and mid-hug it accidentally rubbed off on someone's dark blue sweater.  I just stood there and stared at the cream colored streak across their shoulder praying no one noticed.

A few minutes later my nightmare came true when someone else pointed it out. Thankfully after a quick trip to the restroom it washed off and the person was able to eat dinner sans makeup but it got me thinking.

In my 20s, aside from a quick swipe of lipstick and clear mascara, I didn't really wear makeup. Nowadays I'm afraid to leave my house without my eyebrows which made me realize how insane that sounded.

I started a beauty blog to review beauty products, talk about skincare and share the knowledge I've gained over the years. Lately I feel I've lost sight of that and I've become beauty product obsessed.  I found myself buying products I didn't even need and simply because they were new to the market.

I've justified my purchases with empty excuses which go against everything I've tried to accomplish over the past 5 years. More is still more. The clutter had cluttered my mind and therefore I've been unable to put out the content that I want my readers to read. Or better yet, content that I wanted to read myself and be proud of. Which begged the question, how the hell did I let this happen? 

Last week I pulled every single piece of makeup out of my vanity, storage drawers and bins and laid it all out in the floor. Looking down at my stash I was in awe at how much crap I had accumulated.  As I scanned the wreckage I spotted items that I didn't even know I owned. 

I felt guilty that money was being wasted on things I simply didn't use, want or need. Rather than let it bring me down I decided to use it as motivation to take back control. 

First I separated out all of the products I use on a daily basis (primer, base, facial oil, blush, mascara, a lip product and of course all of my eyebrow essentials).  Next I placed those products into a small storage bin.  The remaining products went into a larger bin.

Over the next few weeks I set a goal to only use the products that I had placed into the small bin. However if I found myself wanting a product from the larger bin I cut myself some slack and simply added it back into my collection. I further weeded down my collection by placing items I actually used into a third bin. At the end of the month I had successfully separated all of my products into 2 categories:  Used vs Unused. 

This exercise not only eased my stress level but made me realize that I only needed a few products to make me feel put together. Having few options also made getting ready in the morning a breeze. 

Overall I'm happy with the result. This isn't to say that it will prevent me from purchasing other products or that I'm never going to want to try out new products because let's face it I am a beauty blogger at heart. Having my entire makeup collection laid out in front of me will definitely help me make smarter choices in the future.

I hope you found this post helpful and that it inspires you to do the same. Let me know if a makeup collection post would be something you'd be interested in seeing as well. 

Here is the finished product :)









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