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How To Maintain Long Hair

How To Maintain Long Hair

If you follow me on Instagram you've probably seen my hair posts. I get a lot of compliments but I also get a lot of questions both online and in person.

This post is all about my hair, how I maintain it, how I style it and what products I use. And when I say "I" I'm really referring to my stylist Cassandra because most of the credit belongs to her.


Before I started going to the salon on a regular basis I was washing my hair 1-2x a week. I have long, thick hair with a slight wave. My hair is neither dry nor oily but I also have a very sensitive scalp and have a small patch of eczema at the nape of my neck that can flare up at the drop of a hat. 

On most days it would take me upwards of 45 minutes just to blow dry my hair. While I love having long hair I came to the conclusion I didn't want to spend all that time maintaining my hair myself.  That's where Cassandra comes in. 

I see Cassandra twice a week. Most of the time it's just a wash and style.  Whether that be for a blowout or curls depends on what mood I'm in that day.

Currently I'm using this shampoo and this conditioner. On days when my eczema is acting up I use this shampoo which calms it down within a day.

For a traditional blowout Cassandra uses this styling cream or this one for a more affordable version. If I'm feeling curls that day she'll use this. And to finish it off Cassandra will use this hairspray.

I want to point out that the salon does not carry some of these products so I had to purchase them myself and she is kind enough to let me use them there.

I think the biggest mistake most people make is assuming that their hair is going to look and feel the same way after leaving the salon.  Sometimes they even blame the stylist when it doesn't hold up the next day. 

While Cassandra makes my locks look amazing when I leave the salon it's up to me to maintain it until the next time I see her.  When I get home I often add in my own finishing products.  One of my favorites to use after a blowout is this one which makes my hair silky smooth while adding shine. 

Here are the three simple steps I take to help me keep the shape of my blowout or style and give me amazing volume all while I sleep. 


Day 1 - Night

  1. I also make it a point to run a brush through my hair before going to bed.  This evenly distributes any oil my scalp may have naturally produced throughout the day.  I give my roots a quick spray with this dry shampoo and this keeps the oil at bay while I'm sleeping. 
  2. Next I take the front section of my hair (from the ears up) and secure it with a claw clip. 
  3. Lastly I part the bottom layer into two sections, wind them away from my face and secure those sections on the back of my head.

Day 2 - Morning

  1. It's all about using as little product as possible. When I wake up I simple take out he clips, run my hands through my hair maybe add a little hairspray and out that door.

Day 2- Night - Same routine as above minus the Dry Shampoo

Day 3 - Morning

  1. Texturizing Spray becomes my best friend. This one is my favorite.  It gives me an added boost of volume especially around the crown where my hair tends to become flat as the days go on. 

Day 3 - Night - Same routine as Day 2

Which bring me to Day 4 which starts the cycle all over again. And depending on the weather, how much I sweat at the gym or if my hair is just behaving badly I may have to throw it up in a ponytail or bun on any one of those day.  Because let's face it no one's hair is perfect. 

Going to the salon twice a week or even once a week for that matter may not be for everyone but it's a choice I've made and it has been a huge time saver for me overall. 

What are some things you splurge on in order to save time? 


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