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Buying a Luxury Handbag Caused Me Anxiety

Buying a Luxury Handbag Caused Me Anxiety

Purchasing a luxury item is a big deal no matter what the item may be.  Not only is it a lot of money but it may be something that you've had your eye on for awhile.  Maybe you were saving up for it or maybe you had trouble deciding whether or not it was worth the investment.  Either way many of us put a lot of thought into it before finally pulling the trigger. 

For me it was purchasing a luxury handbag.  I've owned bags from Coach, Michael Kors, Dooney&Bourke and even Gucci but this would be the largest purchase I'd ever made by far.  It was supposed to be the purchase of all purchases. I had been eyeing this particular item for over 2 years and it was finally going to be mine. This was the day that would change my life and all would be right with the universe. This was the day I was going to buy my PradaSaffiano Gardner's Tote Bag in Gray.

But it wasn't the day I had been expecting and ever since then all I've felt is anxious and stressed out. And at times angry. Yes, angry about a HANDBAG!!!  After giving it a lot of thought and weighing the pros and cons I finally made a decision to return it. 

I don't have a lot of regrets in life but here are the reasons why I regret purchasing a luxury handbag.

  1. I couldn't stop sweating the day I went to purchase my Prada bag.  The practical side of me kept screaming inside my head "Have you lost your fucking mind!"  And yes, I had. Because when someone is about to spend $2100 on a handbag I think it's quite possible that they have indeed lost their mind.
  2. I had a nightmare that I lost my Prada bag which woke me up at 3am drenched in sweat. Yes, this is the second time an inanimate object has made me sweat. Not a good sign.

  3. I was nervous about bringing it ANYWHERE! To the grocery store, to the mall, out to dinner, out shopping. What if someone grabbed it, what if I lost it, what if something spilled on it, in it, around it. No normal person should spend that much time stressing out about a handbag.

  4. My Prada bag became an open forum for rude comments.  People said things to me out in public that no one should say to another person much less a stranger.  I had this one woman straight up ask me how much it cost and on another occasion while they gushed to me about how much they loved my bag I heard them as they were walking away mutter under their breath "oh my god, that's so EXPENSIVE". WHAT!!! I have never my life gone up to a complete stranger and commented about the value of something they're wearing. NEVER!

  5. I had thought I would never want or look at another handbag ever again. I had thought that this was THE ONE and no other hand bag would ever compare. I had found my unicorn.  I couldn't have been more WRONG! Anytime I went out I couldn't stop looking at handbags.  I kept comparing them to mine and telling myself that I could have bought 20 of that bag for the cost of mine.  Which is again, INSANE!


I'm not the type of person to shy away from expensive things and have no issue spending money on something that I absolutely love.  Unfortunately this time around it wasn't the case.  I'm a firm believer that luxury should bring you joy and enrich your life somehow, not cause stress and anxiety.

I was also using my upcoming birthday as a reason to support purchasing an extremely expensive handbag when in fact I had the means to do it two years ago.  It just felt better when it was hidden under the guise of a milestone birthday. I realized then and there that the real reason I had bought it was because I could. Really? Yes indeed. And just because you can doesn't mean you should.

So who wants to help me find me a new bag?

Have you ever had your eyes on something and when you finally bought it, it fell short of all your expectations?  I'd love for your to share some of your stories!







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