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Most importantly Tracy encourages women to look beyond the mirror and focus on cultivating self-awareness in order be confident with their body, their image and themselves.

Tracy currently resides just outside of Boston with her two fur kids Doug and Paul.


Let's Rant! vol.1  - F*CK Age-Appropriate

Let's Rant! vol.1 - F*CK Age-Appropriate

My feelings about the term age-appropriate are no secret as I've mentioned it several times in posts and on social media.

If I hear one more person say "I'd do, say, wear this if I was younger" I'm going to go start pulling out my perfect tresses (sorry Steph).

I'm so tired of hearing about skincare for your 20s, , career goals for your 30s and how to dress in your 40s. 

What the fuck does that even mean?

Someone please explain it to me?!?! PLEASE! 

I'm constantly mistaken for being in my 20s yet I'll be 40 in a few short months.  It could be because I'm a.smaller in stature (4'11"), b. I lack wrinkles, dark circles, or gray hair, c. I'm not toting around small people or d. All of the above. No one will ever know for sure.

Which begs the question how do I apply this to myself? Does it have to do with my actual age or is it more about how I look?

For example, do I dress for my age, change my entire skincare routine and stop wearing my favorite Fuchsia lipstick solely on based what the "experts" are saying because I'm entering a new decade. Or can I get away with it because I happen to look young?

Well I say do whatever the eff you want to no matter what anyone else may say.  And here are a few of my own thoughts about various aspects of my life where I say screw 'em all!


It's no secret that I don't like glitter. I didn't wear it in my teens so why would I wear it now. However if you did then rock it! Own it! Who the hell cares? If someone else's glittery eye shadow offends you so much then look away, baby look away (if you know what song I'm channeling extra points go to you).


I embraced my inner rocker chick by sporting a braided faux hawk for a recent concert. I didn't do it to feel younger or so I would fit in. I owned that hairdo because it was fun and when else would I have the chance to do so . Plus I thought I looked badass. Isn't that reason enough?


Never have I picked up a piece of clothing and thought I'm too old to be wearing this. I wear whatever makes me feel confident. I buy clothes from H&M, Loft, Neiman Marcus and the list goes on and on. If something makes you feel sexy then wear the shit out of it.


I have never in my life followed any sort of rules when it comes to what skincare I use. And guess what? Turns out I get the last laugh because my skin is in better shape than some of my 20-something year old friends. Shhh…

Do you let society's view what's age appropriate dictate what you wear or things you do?

Let's rant together!



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