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Are You in a Beauty Rut?

Are You in a Beauty Rut?

Why is it that when we are feeling uninspired or unproductive that we automatically think we're in a rut?

And why is it perceived as a bad thing?  Maybe it's the universe telling us to change it up, move out of our comfort zone and try something new and exciting.

Or maybe that's not it at all.  Could it be that we've finally found our happy place? That all the changes, ups and downs, trial and error have finally paid off and it's actually content we're experiencing. 

Lately I've been really happy with how my skin looks. So much so that I've been doing the same makeup look for over a month. Even skipping foundation all together. 

Does this qualify as a rut or is it because I've finally found my happy place?

It's not as if I'm looking in the mirror every morning and thinking "God, here we go again with the same products, I'm so boring!"

No, I'm getting up in the morning and thinking to myself, "Boy, that was easy!"

I've been reading so many posts lately about bloggers feeling frustrated simply because they're not producing content like they used to.  I say stop with the explanations. We get it. You're a human being, not a machine. I certainly don't expect someone to be constantly pumping out new content simply to have something to post. 

Many of my favorite bloggers don't post every week. But when they do it's always something I want to read. I would rather read one great post than several mediocre ones.

The reason why I haven't been posting a lot of beauty content isn't because I'm uninspired. No, it's because after all these years of trial and error I've finally curated a makeup and skincare collection that not only works for me but one that I love.

This isn't to say that I'm never going to try another product ever again. It simply means that what I'm using works and I'll continue to use those products until I find something that works even better. 

For example, my skin loves Hyaluronic Acid. A few years ago I began using the Hydraluron serum from Indeed Labs. I loved it so much that I used up 2 tubes.  Then I came across a post about Low Molecular Hyaluronic Acid and how it's been proven to be more effective. So I switched to the Hylamide Low Molecular HA Serum and gave it a go. And guess what, I loved it even more.

Recently I was sent the Loveisderma Hydramax Serum, another HA type product that claims to add and retain moisture to the skin.  Will I eventually incorporate it into my skincare routine.  Absolutely. Am I in a rut because I'm not switching up my skincare routine right away?  Absolutely not. 

My point is that I know I'm not in a rut.  I'll write when I have something to say.  In the meantime I'm perfectly happy exactly where I am.  And hey,  that's not such a bad place to be now is it.

Do you think being in a rut is a bad thing?  If so, why or why not?


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