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Why I'm So Over Makeup

Why I'm So Over Makeup

When I first started getting into makeup I thought that wearing foundation was just a part of your daily makeup routine.  I remember spending countless hours researching and testing out products only to be let down.  It never quite looked like skin even though the products claimed to be "skin like" in appearance and texture.  

Although I was frustrated my search to cover up unwanted redness continued and soon after I discovered bronzers, highlighters and blush.  I thought that the more products I put on my face the more natural I would look.  Sounds crazy right?  

Then came the night when I went to hug a friend and my "face" ended up all over his blue sweater.  I was absolutely mortified and it was then that I decided to refocus my attention on skincare.  By evening out my skin tone/texture there would be no more worries about leaving the wrong "impression" ever again. 

It's been just over a year that I started getting serious about my skincare routine. I even went a step further and removed fragrance from both my skincare and face products and my skin has never looked better.  

No more mornings of making sure my foundation is blended properly or if my face matches the rest of my body. No more worrying about if my face melting off in this heat or the fear of leaving a face print on someone's clothes.

It's made my morning routine quicker and freed up a lot of space on my vanity.  I've also been going brush free which means no more weekends hunched over a sink for an hour cleaning dirty brushes.

Being able to toss most my base products has been the most freeing experience. This isn't to say that I don't spot conceal on occasion but for the most part I skip this step altogether.  It's even spilled over into my rest of my makeup routine where I haven't been wearing much makeup in general.  

Five years ago I purged my entire makeup collection.  My goal was to find the "perfect" foundation, blush, lipstick and not buy products that I didn't use or love.  Just over a year ago I was right back to where I originally started.  That's when I made the conscious decision to start from the ground up with skincare.  And boy did it pay off.  

In the past I always felt a tad more comfortable when I wore makeup.  I realize now that all I was doing was masking my insecurities rather than resolve them.  Now when I leave the house with nothing but sunblock slathered all over my face I feel equally as comfortable as when I was wearing a full face of makeup.  

Do I still like makeup?  Of course I do.  Will I still wear makeup?  Absolutely!  It's just not a big a deal anymore.  

I used to get excited when someone complimented my makeup and would ask what foundation I was wearing because I loved talking makeup.  Now I get excited when someone asks about my skin and to me that's the best compliment of all.  


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