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Sex, Dating & Technology: 5 Things To Do When You're Just Not Into HIM

Sex, Dating & Technology: 5 Things To Do When You're Just Not Into HIM

Let's be honest. No one likes rejection. I don't care how confident you are. That shit hurts when you like someone and they don't feel the same way about you.

But the way you handle it makes all the difference. Why chase after someone who doesn't want to be with you?  That's just a waste of your time and energy.

Wouldn't you rather place your focus on someone who is? 

When the feelings are mutual it doesn't get any better than that.

But there are those instances where the person just doesn't get the hint that you're not into them. 

For example. You go out on a date with someone.  The date goes well. He is a perfectly nice person but you don't feel like there's chemistry and it's just not the right person for you long term.

You tell them it was nice meeting them and you go your separate ways.

You go out on a date with someone else. And the two of you just click. It's a mutual feeling. You like them, they like you and you both decide that you want to see one another again.

Then the first person texts you. They want to see you again. I mean you can't fault them for trying. But after not having contacting them you would think that the person would have enough self respect and kindly bow out, wish you the best and move on.

But what if that doesn't happen?  What if the person continuously contacts you asking you question after question about why it didn't work out?

Well I say fuck all that noise! No one has time for that nonsense.

Here are my Top 5 Things To Do When You're Just Not Into HIM

        1. When someone shows more interest in you than you do in them, try to be the bigger person. Gently tell them that it was nice meeting them but you don't think it's going to work out

        2. If they persist and tell you that they felt like you had a connection. Again gently tell them that you don't want to pursue anything further with them.

        3. If they insist that you owe them an explanation. Remember you don't owe them a damn thing. Especially if you've only been out on ONE date.  But even if that's not the case you don't owe anyone anything.  Always do what's right for you without having to explain yourself.

        4. If they start to get mean about it, ignore them. Don't respond to their text messages or answer their phone calls.  This is an indication that this person wasn't the right person for you to begin with and that your instincts were spot on. 

        5. And if they still don't get the hint, tell them that you're going to block their number and contact the authorities if they continue to contact you.

Hopefully it won't come to that but in this day and age you never know what someone is capable of. And it's always better to be safe then sorry.

*Please Note: I recently wrote a very personal post about this very situation.  You can read about it here

So you tell me. How do you handle the situation when someone doesn't get the hint and won't take no for an answer?

Let me know in the comments below

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