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Sex, Dating and Technology:  Let's Rant: Wired

Sex, Dating and Technology: Let's Rant: Wired

I haven't posted a rant in a long time.  But this topic really got my blood boiling the other day.  I had a woman email me asking for some advice regarding her relationship and how she always waits for the guy to call, send the first text or make plans. 

My first thought was WHY?!

Needless to say it got me thinking about conventional dating "rules" and how I think they're outdated.  So without further ado. 

Let's Rant!

As women we have been wired into thinking that if a guy is interested that he will pursue us. He will call or text or make plans.  Basically he'll get in touch with us first.  And when they don't? It plays on all our insecurities and leaves us feeling confused, stressed out, angry or feeling unwanted. 

My question is why do we give men so much power over our own emotions?

Why should we, as women, have to sit around and wait for them. It is 2017 for fuck's sake. You should have as much say as they do when it comes to pursuing a relationship with them.

Women have been wired to think if we call or text them first we're going to scare the guy or come across as needy. And to be honest if he scares that easily then he's a fucking pussy (sorry but it's true).  If he's the right man for you then he won't have a problem with you calling or texting him first or even making plans for that matter. 

Now,  I'm not saying to hit him up every fucking hour or send him 20 text messages in a row. Truthfully I wouldn't like that either. My time is valuable and my life is busy. No one has time for that shit. 

But if he says he's going to call and it's been awhile and you haven't heard from him, go ahead, shoot him a quick text or


Contrary to popular belief, men can be just as confused as we are when it comes to relationships. By you reaching out to him it will let him know you were thinking about him too and wanted to get in touch.

If you make your standards known right from the start there's a better chance that a lot of that
confusion can be avoided. Do you like to text every day? Do you prefer a phone call over a text message for certain conversations?  Do last minute plans stress you out?

I realize that it's hard to change what you've been wired to believe from a very young age.
But we, as women, have to realize that if we want something to happen we have the power to make it happen.

Make your own fucking rules for yourself and if someone isn't on board then move on.  I realize that it may sound harsh but people make it way more complicated than it has to be. Listen the dating landscape is changing and it's hard to navigate but don't just sit back and wait. Or you'll be waiting for a very long time. Don't think, don't over analyze, don't stress!

Take control of the situation and MAKE IT HAPPEN!

What do you think about conventional dating rules and do you think they still apply?

Let me know in the comments below

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