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Sex, Dating & Technology:  5 Things to Do When Your Man is Having a Bad Day

Sex, Dating & Technology: 5 Things to Do When Your Man is Having a Bad Day

There will come a time when your man is in need of a little TLC. It could be from one thing or a combination of many.  Did he have a stressful day at work? Did his favorite team lose the big game?  Are his friends giving him a hard time for not seeing them as often as they would like?  Are there financial strains or pressure from work that's been weighing him down. 

Whatever it may be...

Here are 5 Things To Do When Your Man is Having a Bad Day

1.  Give Him Space
Men aren't the best communicators when it comes to talking about their feelings.  So when they're having a bad day, most tend to retreat into themselves and want to be alone. LET HIM.  Give him the space he needs to be alone with his thoughts.  He may want to discuss it with you later or he may not.  But even if he doesn't, he'll appreciate the fact that you were able to step away and let him be alone with his thoughts to work through it on his own.

2.  Listen to Him
Everyone needs a good venting session once in awhile. While men tend to want to jump into action and fix the problem, women will go in the opposite direction and start worrying about everything.  This can make the situation worse.  His intention isn't to make you worry or to fix his problem. He's coming to you so he can vent.  Purge all the bad shit. So if he starts talking to you, don't offer advice, don't try to fix the problem; just sit there and listen.  And if in fact he wants some advice then help him out. 

3.  Cuddle Up with Him
Men crave affection just as much as women do.  But they don't always know how to ask for it. A lot of times when a woman is having a tough day it's pretty much written all over her face. And the men in their lives will just grab them, hold them and plant endless forehead kisses until she starts smiling again. (yeah, those forehead kisses are everything). Being in tune with each other's moods is important.  So the next time you're sensing that your man isn't doing so hot, do exactly the same thing that he would do for you.  Walk up to him, wrap your arms around him and let him know you're there for him. And maybe plant a forehead kiss or two.

4.  Be Nice to Him
Life gets busy.  We all have responsibilities and things that need to get done which can be very stressful at times.  But when it comes to being part of a couple, there will days when both of you are having a bad day. As I mentioned above, women are much better at expressing their emotions and normally have a lot of friends they can vent to. I'm not saying that men don't have any friends they can't talk to in times of stress but they're less likely to do so. Even if you're having a bad day, put it aside for just a little while and be there for him.  And only him.  Then go call your girlfriend and vent your little heart out. 

5.  Do Something For Him
Does he have a favorite meal?  Favorite drink? Favorite sport he likes to watch.  Sorry but men are pretty simple when it comes to things that make them happy.  Surprise him with a meal, go out and get his favorite beer.  Find the one thing that you know will make him feel relaxed and bring a smile to his face. Doing something specifically designed for him will definitely make his day. 

And if all else fails...just give him the best head of his life.  Trust me.  It works wonders :)




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