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Sex, Dating & Technology: Interrupt Anxiety with Gratitude

Sex, Dating & Technology: Interrupt Anxiety with Gratitude

I was diagnosed with anxiety and panic disorder almost 7 years ago.  For someone who has always been in control of themselves it was an awful experience for me to endure. 

But I have endured for the past 7 years.  However tonight on my way over to my man's house I suffered an anxiety attack while driving.  It was scary and at one point I didn't think I'd make it. 

For anyone who has never experienced a panic attack it can be somewhat hard to explain to them.  It's a very debilitating thing that happens where your mind races, you can't breathe and your heart feels like it's going to jump out of your chest.  Dizziness, disorientation and shakiness can also occur. 

And it happens all at once

Along with the many other things we have in common, he also suffers from anxiety.  And luckily when I got to his house he knew exactly what I needed someone to do and I'm happy that he was the someone who was able to do it.

He immediately had me try to focus on something else.  The TV, counting backwards from 100 but it was his voice and having him talk to me about anything other than what was happening in that moment is what finally slowed my breathing. 

A little while later he put me safely in my car, got into his own, called me and talked to me the whole way home.  Unfortunately I had to pull over a few times because the attacks kept coming, but he stayed on the phone with me the entire time.  I finally arrived home and immediately sat down to write this post. 

The purpose of this post wasn't to discuss my anxiety. It was to talk about an experience I had that goes hand in hand with my previous post (here) on ways you can be supportive for someone you care about. 

Life can throw a whole ton of shit at you all at once.  It can be overwhelming and cause a lot of stress.  Whether it be a family member ,a friend, a co-worker or that special person in your life, it's nice to know someone has your back no matter what. 

If there's someone in your life that you suspect is struggling, reach out to them and a simple, "how are you doing?" can make a world of difference. 

Just a little side note:

I know in the past that I've had to come up with names for some of the people I've spoken about on my blog. But I've decided not to do that with him.  He's so much more deserving than being assigned some crazy name which would hardly do any justice to the man that I know him to be. 

When we first met, I was very hesitant to let him read my blog. Not that I was trying to hide anything from him but some of the content I write about might not sit well with a lot of men. 

After talking to him the other night I finally gave him the green light to check it out.  The reason being is that I know he understands that this is simply what I do for work and not who I am as person. Because he knows the real me.

So I know he's reading this...


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