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My Night in the ER

My Night in the ER

My man's life has been pretty hectic lately and as I've mentioned before I always take care of the man in my life.  I was on my way home from his house after having dropped off some dinner for him.  As I was going along I started feeling dizzy, nauseous and disoriented. The next thing I knew I was stopped on the side of the road. I have very little memory of what happened except for the fact that I had passed out while driving.

Thankfully I wasn't hurt and that I didn't hurt anyone else for that matter. I just sat there trying to pull myself together and attempted to call my parents but I didn't get an answer. 

When I left his house he was on his way to a show with a friend. I struggled with the thought of having to call him because I knew he had been looking forward to a much needed night out.

I am very independent and have a hard time asking for help. But I certainly needed it that night. I knew I had to get myself to the ER but didn't want to call an ambulance. Being an independent person I've always taken care of myself. I also have this fear of having to depend on anyone else because I've been let down so many times in the past.  However he's always been there for me and has not once let me down. 

So I put aside my pride and called him.  He was worried of course and rightfully so, but I told him he didn't have to do anything. To go to his show and I'd call him later. 

But knowing the man that he is I knew that that wasn't going to sit well with him. He was worried about me driving and getting into another accident.

After about 10 minutes, I slowly made my way home.  I tried to lie down but the feeling wasn't going away.  My anxiety had also kicked into high gear. So I called him again. 

I suggested that I call an Uber to take me to the ER. He agreed and told me he'd meet me there. When I finally arrived at the ER my head was spinning and I was having a hard time answering simple questions.

Once in a room, after testing all of my vital signs, being hooked up to an IV, having them perform an EKG and blood drawn I tried to settle my nerves. But nothing was working.  I started crying which is something that I don't do very often. However in this case I just let my emotions flow. 

Then I saw his text. He was in the waiting room and on his way down to see me. 

He's a very calm person by nature so when he arrived he wasn't jumping up and down on the panic button like most people and honestly that can make the situation worse. He tried to ease my mind by talking to me about random things. He held my hand and tried to make me laugh. Something he is very good at even when I don't want to.  He also likes to tickle me although in this situation he didn't think it would be fair seeing I was hooked up to so many wires (see funny guy). 

I was still fighting bouts of anxiety (and crying) but knowing he was with me eventually calmed me down.

After a few hours I was wheeled down to get a C-Scan. He offered to come with me but I told him that he could stay in the room. Plus I knew he was completely exhausted.  I returned shortly after and he told me to relax and try to get some rest. 

The worst part about hospitals is the waiting. And we patiently waited together. Eventually the doctor returned to the room to give me my test results. 

All of my tests came back OK but the doctor did suggest that I stay overnight to be monitored.  The thought of spending the night in the hospital wasn't sitting well with me.  I talked to him about it and he said I was the boss so it was my decision. So I decided to go home to sleep in my own house, in my own bed.  I was discharged and told to call my regular doctor on Monday to perform some follow up tests. 

Shortly after, he went to warm up the car while I got dressed and then he drove me home. He held my hand and comforted me the entire way but neither of us really spoke because we were so exhausted.  It had been a very long night.

He called me when he got home, told me to get some rest and he'd call me in the morning to see how I was doing.  But see this is where I'm a little different than most. Even after my whole ordeal I was more worried about what he's been going through.  That's just the way I'm built.  I care a lot about the person I'm with and thankfully he knows this about me. So he just lets me do it. 

As I mentioned before he is also facing some challenges in his life.  So for a man, who I met just 3 weeks ago today, to sit with me in an ER for close to 4 hours speaks volumes about his character, who he is as a person and how he feels about me. 

Thank you for reading and I'll be back tomorrow with my next post which is the Top 5 Signs You Can Trust Someone.




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