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Sex, Dating & Technology: Top 5 Ways Technology is Ruining Your Relationship

Sex, Dating & Technology: Top 5 Ways Technology is Ruining Your Relationship

Social Media and Technology is becoming one of the biggest causes for couples to fight.  It used to be about marriage, money or kids.

Nowadays people get up in arms if their significant other isn't active on their social media accounts.  And god forbid you don't update your relationship status on Facebook.  People go all fucking crazy if that doesn't happen immediately.

In the grand scheme of things it doesn't have any real impact on your relationship. And I certainly don't need to update my Facebook status to let other people know I'm in a relationship.

When I was growing up, social media didn't exist.  No one was worried about whether someone followed you or liked and commented on a photo.  I remember growing up and being excited when my boyfriend passed a note to me in class or called me the minute he got home from school.

It's almost as if the validity of people's relationships is connected to their online lives.  It can become a huge distraction because you become so focused on what's not happening online rather than what's actually happening in real life.

Social Media isn't real life and why people are letting it get in the way of perfectly great relationships I'll never understand.  Technology on the other hand can be a bit more tricky

Technology has made people available 24/7.  And because of this it's no wonder that when someone doesn't respond to you within minutes you go into panic mode.  Because let's be honest, most people have their phones attached to them like their life depended on it. 

I can go both ways.  Some days I have my phone on me and some days I forget it's even there.  Doesn't mean I'm ignoring people. Just means I'm busy doing other things. 

So why do we let social media and technology define our relationships?  When it comes to relationships why does being "liked" on Social Media mean more than being "liked" in real life? 

Here are my Top 5 Ways Technology is Ruining Your Relationship

1.  Do Not Use It to Make Someone Jealous
Have you ever scrolled through the person's feed, come upon a photo of them and their ex and completely lose your shit?  Everyone has a past and to think that they wouldn't have photos with other people is just nuts. If you are in a secure, loving relationship then it shouldn't matter if they have photos of their past relationships.  The operative word being PAST!  Leave that shit there.

2.  Do Not Use It for Bad Behavior
Want to cheat?  There are apps for that.  Want to see what your significant other is up to when you're not around?  There are apps for that too.

If your relationship is headed for Splitsville, do not, I repeat DO NOT, use social media or technology to cheat, spy or lie to your significant other. 

It's perfectly acceptable for someone to like, comment and follow anyone they feel like. However if they are liking, following or commenting on something that is making you feel uncomfortable then you should definitely speak up.

3.  Do Not Use it as a Weapon
Ever get into a fight with our SO and the next thing you know they're posting all these photos of themselves out with friends having a great time.  Or worse they start posting all those crazy quotes from Pinterest about being a priority not an option (yeah I hate those because I think it's ridiculous)

4.  Do Not Use It to Cross Privacy Boundaries
We all need a privacy in our lives.  But if someone is being too private with their social media and technology then it makes you wonder why?  Are they trying to hide something? The true sign of a trusting relationship is if you would be able to hand over your phone to your SO and let them go through it. If you aren't able to do that then you should be asking yourself why? 

5.  Do Not Use It to Escape Real Life
I hate seeing those couples out to dinner and both of them are sitting there on their phones.  No one talks or has actual conversations anymore. Put the phone down and leave it there. Start a conversation, reconnect over a nice dinner or get up and get out of the house and do something fun together. 

Do you think people are too "plugged in"?

Let me know in the comments below



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