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Kissing is a very intimate act to engage in with another person and at times even more so than having sex. Don't believe me. Ask yourself this? Have you ever had sex with someone and not had to look them in the eye?  The same cannot be said about kissing someone. 

Here's something else to consider. While you can have sex without feelings, feelings are what drives us to kiss someone in the first place. Kisses are built on feelings. Am I right? 

It can elicit a whole wave of emotions but can also make or break a burgeoning romance.

I absolutely love to kiss because there is an endless variety. Soft kisses, slow kisses, sensual kisses, passionate kisses, hard n fast kisses.

And then there are those kinds of kisses that make us want to throw the other person up against a wall and tear off all their fucking clothes! (or in my case, picked up, then thrown up against a wall).

So let's be honest and just put it out there.  There's nothing worse than a bad kisser!  It's actually one of my deal breakers.  If a man kisses me and my whole body doesn't explode then it's game over for me. 

I want to feel it in every inch of my body

Here are my Top 5 Things That Make a Great Kiss

1.  Chemistry
In order for you to want to kiss someone it has to exist between two people. Chemistry can't be faked or replicated.  But surprisingly enough there is actual chemistry behind a kiss. When you kiss someone for first time a multitude of chemical reactions occur in the brain.  These are meant to trigger emotional bonding, measure compatibility, attraction and of course sexual arousal. Which are all important factors when choosing mate for ourselves. 

2.  Passion
As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, a great kiss should be fueled by passion. Does this mean that you have to be a passionate person in order to deliver a passionate kiss?  Not necessarily.  Passion is a feeling, not a characteristic that someone possesses. So how can you turn an ordinary kiss into a more passionate one?  Don't just kiss the person's lips.  Kiss their face, neck, ears, chest, anything that will turn up the heat and get the passion juices flowing.

3.  Touch
Don't just stand there with your arms dangling by your sides.  Run your fingers through his hair, touch his face, arms, chest, wrap your arms around him and pull him closer.  I'm not saying to get all grabby but soft sensual touches can lead to far more stimulating activities. 

4.  Watch that tongue
Ever have a guy try to shove his tongue down your throat?  Yeah totally not sexy at all.  I'm not saying a little tongue action isn't nice but a great kiss involves your entire mouth.  Use your lips, tongue and even take a little nibble once in awhile. 

5.  Speed
There are times when kissing can be fast and furious but for me I want to savor every single moment.  Starting off nice and slow and building up to a more open mouthed kiss can really set the mood for what's to come. Switching up the speed and lingering between kisses keeps it interesting and will want you craving more. 

And it has to be said. When a man touches my face with his hands while he's kissing me... it doesn't get any more sensual than that.  That weak in the knees feeling they talk about.  Yes it really does exist. 

What do you think makes a great kiss or a great kisser?

Let me know in the comments below!