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Sex, Dating & Technology: 10 Signs You're with a Real Man

Sex, Dating & Technology: 10 Signs You're with a Real Man

What makes a real man?

I recently wrote a post about Social Media Standards which you can read about here.  I talked about how social media and technology are allowing men to be disrespectful and behave badly towards women. And frankly it needs to stop!  We, as women, need to raise our standards and not allow this behavior by dismissing it as something that "men just do."

I've been reading numerous articles about how real men simply don't exist anymore. That we live in an age where men don't value their women the way they used to or treat them the way they deserve to be treated.

Yes, real men are hard to find these days but they're out there.  You just need to keep looking and never settle for anything less than what you deserve.  Raise those standards ladies and you might be surprised when someone actually rises to the occasion. 

I'm a bit old fashioned when it comes to relationships and the certain roles men and women play.  Aside from the qualities listed below, I also want him to be a gentleman. I appreciate the fact that my man opens doors, walks on the outside of the sidewalk, sleeps on the side of the bed closest to the door and tells me to drive safely. I'm fiercely independent and self sufficient but those simple acts make me feel like a woman when I'm with my man. 

Here are my Top 10 Signs You're with a Real Man

        1. They have goals
A real man is constantly trying to improve himself in order to make a better life for himself which in turn will make a better life for us as a couple.  Whether it be learning a new skill or starting their own business, they have a sense of purpose. And to me there's nothing sexier than a man who is passionate, driven and goes after their dreams despite any obstacles they may face along the way. 

        2. They are responsible
A real man will not shy away from his responsibilities.  Being responsible is part of being an adult.  We all have things to attend to in our daily lives but it also applies to your relationship as well. When you're in a healthy, loving relationship, a real man should have a sense of responsibility for your over all well being.  And that's a two way street ladies. 

        3. They are respectful
A real man is respectful to you and everyone else in his life. To their friends, to their family, to strangers and especially to women. They treat people the way they want to be treated. He should value you, not just as a woman but as a person and should never take you for granted. 

        4. They are supportive
A real man never wants to see his woman hurt and will do everything they can to make sure that she's OK. They want you to be the best version of yourself and will encourage you to grow and go after your own goals.

        5. They will make an effort
A real man will make time for you so that you never have to question where you stand in his life. Your happiness is important to him and he will make every effort to make sure that you remain happy throughout your relationship. 

        6. They can express themselves
A real man will be forthcoming with his feelings no matter how uncomfortable he may feel. They are upfront and honest in every area of their life.  They don't get defensive, shut down, or walk away.  He can express himself without yelling and will use his words to talk to you.  

        7. They keep their word
A real man keeps his word and doesn't make excuses. There will be times that things come up and plans change but they will always let you know when that happens.  They should not only be respectful of you but of your time as well.

        8. They can admit when they're wrong
I real man can admit when he's wrong and never places blame on others for his mistakes.  He will not only own them but learn from his mistakes and so that he won't repeat them in the future.  

        9. They can defend themselves without fighting
A real man doesn't use his fists when faced with confrontation. He will be protective of you and will never put you in a dangerous situation.  He'll remove himself and you before it comes to blows. 

        10. They will make sure you feel secure in your relationship
A real man will never do anything to make you feel insecure about your relationship. He will always make sure that you know where he stands, how he feels about you and won't engage in any activity that would put you or your relationship at risk.

What qualities do you think makes a real man?

Let me know in the comments below. 

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