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I Did the One Thing I Said I Would Never Do At Work

I Did the One Thing I Said I Would Never Do At Work

I once read that preparation is the key to success, and if you're truly passionate about your work then Monday should be just another day to do what you love. Well, I happen to love what I do and I can tell you right now that whoever said that is either lying or has never suffered from a case of the Mondays. EVER!

I don't care how much you love your job or how much you think you've prepared yourself for it because Monday always finds a way to kick you right in the BALL-erinas.

Case in point, the Monday after Thanksgiving. I had just come off a 4 day weekend where I had slept in, ordered out and binge watched really bad reality TV. It was like I had traveled back in time to my 20s.

Feeling recharged, I decided to clean out my work bag, lay out my outfit and pack my lunch.  I even made the conscious decision to go to bed early.  I was armed and ready to face my weekly battle with Monday.  That is until I woke up.

Overnight my hair had decided to go on strike, my skinny jeans magically shrunk two sizes and for some insane reason I had forgotten to put my sandwich in the fridge.  It was only when my electric toothbrush crapped out mid brush that I realized that this was the universe telling me that preparation was all a load of bullshit.

So now I had a choice;  have an Oscar-worthy meltdown or be an adult and deal. Needless to say I sucked it up, pulled myself together and went to work. Little did I know that only a few hours later I would find myself in a puddle of my own tears... and I don't cry. Ever.

Ask anyone I know and they'll agree that my membership to the women's club had long been revoked. My initial reaction to certain events which would normally provoke tears in most women are usually met with laughter or disgust.

For example, sappy love stories make me want to slap the bitch who fell for the wrong guy AGAIN.  And in the past when people have cried at work it not only makes me extremely uncomfortable, but I want to scream in their face to get a fucking grip.

So going back to this aforementioned crying event, yes I cried at work for the VERY FIRST TIME, and yes I wanted to punt myself in the face for it.   I'm not going to get into too much detail, however, for the record what transpired at work was definitely a cry-worthy event.

And for the past few weeks my feelings of anger and frustration with certain aspect of my life had been mounting to the point where if they didn't come out in some form I'd probably end up in jail.

Luckily I have a few people in my life who were willing to lend an ear, tell me I'm a tough bitch and that no one deserves my tears.  And you know what... they were absolutely right.

I guess my point is that on any given day something is bound to get fucked up.  What's most important is how you deal with it and who you bring along for the ride.

Because even then, Monday won't have a chance in hell.


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Welcome to Tracys Way

Welcome to Tracys Way