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What It's REALLY Like Being Married to a Chef  #4

What It's REALLY Like Being Married to a Chef #4


There are only 3 things women need in life: food, water, and compliments


I once read that cooking is like love. It should be entered into with abandon or not at all. Watching him cook is like watching a beautifully choreographed dance. He cooks with both precision and reckless abandon. Someone who is passionate about what they do for work tend to be passionate people overall and trust me when I say he’s definitely not lacking in the passion department when it comes to our marriage.

That being said, I have to admit that the long hours spent apart can be challenging and at times taxing on our relationship.  Any couple who spend a lot of time apart due to their careers, whatever it may be, is difficult.  Period. But with someone who works in the restaurant industry the hours are not only long but very erratic.  Most morning he leaves the house anywhere between 7am-10am and on some nights isn’t able to leave work until the wee hours of the morning.

As I mentioned in my previous post you spend a lot of your waking hours alone. Relationships take work and ours is no exception.  But I, for one, believe that anyone willing to go the distance in order to maintain a relationship with someone in this industry should be very self-sufficient and thick skinned.  Otherwise what ends up happening is that one or both parties end up feeling guilty and/or isolated which can lead to resentment in which case the relationship will most definitely fail.

People have this misconception that I eat like a queen every single day. And yes I do have the added luxury of being able see a beautiful plate of food on the cover of a magazine and having someone who can actually cook it for me, but he isn't always available because he's busy feeding all of you.

So far we've managed to have a very healthy, happy, well-balanced relationship and overall I think we’re doing better than most under much less arduous circumstances. Most tend to only focus on the pitfalls of being with a chef and trust me there are plenty to choose from but here are my Top 5 reasons why I happen to LOVE my chef…


  1. When he cooks, it’s like getting a gourmet meal at a restaurant without the added expense.
  1. He’s a walking cookbook. If I have a question about an ingredient for a recipe or a cooking technique he’s right there plus he’s willing to teach me how to cook anything I want.
  1. He’s a living, breathing food processor and prep goes really fast when he’s home to help.
  1. He’s a very hard worker and a 12 hour shift is standard in most professional kitchens. I’ve never had to worry about him being unwilling to work plus restaurants will always be around which means he will always have a job.

And my number one reason why I love my chef…He has very talented and dexterous hands 'Nuff said!

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What It's REALLY Like Being Married to a Chef #5

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