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What It's REALLY Like Being Married to a Chef  #6

What It's REALLY Like Being Married to a Chef #6

To Love a Chef you must also learn to love the Industry

Being married to a Chef is very similar to the act of cooking itself. I have learned that as with cooking some of the key ingredients to creating a successful relationship with someone in the culinary world are trial and error, lots of patience, countless hours honing your skills and most importantly love.

Todd is the Executive Head Chef at a high volume, upscale eatery in a very affluent area.  The word "Chef" isn't merely a profession to him, it's a lifestyle filled with passion, dedication, and drive. In the beginning it was somewhat of an anomaly to me and I quickly discovered that to love him I would have to love the job too. Therefore, it became evident for me to immerse myself in all things "chef" including food, cooking and the ever changing landscape of the industry itself.

Upon completion of said research I have found that it takes more than a love for food to be a successful chef. Unlike other mediums that can only be appreciated through sight or sound, good food is meant to be consumed and appreciated with multiple senses. As a great chef, Todd not only nourishes the body but pleases the palate, leaving many satisfied but wanting more all at the same time.

With his mastery of food and flavors he produces dishes that evoke a variety of reactions whether it is to comfort us and remind us of home, or energize and fill us with a sense of well-being. It's an art form meant to be savored and despite the constant belly aching and clothing that seems to shrink on a daily basis, I find myself going back for seconds day in and day out.

Having successfully managed a kitchen staff, overseeing food preparation, menu planning and maintaining vendor relations you would assume many of these attributes would spill over into his personal life. And most of the time they do. That being said, the rules in his kitchen at work don't always fly in our kitchen at home.

But thankfully by the end of the day after all the food has been prepared, cooked and eaten we find a way to meet each other in the middle and never lose sight of what's most important to us... our life together.

What It's REALLY Like Being Married to a Chef #7

What It's REALLY Like Being Married to a Chef #7

What It's REALLY Like Being Married to a Chef  #5

What It's REALLY Like Being Married to a Chef #5